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Vehicle Registration Fee  

How to Read Your Utility Statement  

Utility Rates and Special Charges Summary 

Schedule of Fees  Includes -- Permit Application, Land Use, Building Permit and other fees

What is the PCAC on my utility bill?  

The Power Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC) is basically a fuel charge adjustment. Some months you will notice the PCAC rate being a positive amount (a charge) and other months you will notice that it is a negative amount (a credit).

The PCAC rate changes each month depending on the wholesale cost Prairie du Sac Utilities pays to purchase electricity. During months when there is a great demand for electricity, such as summer and winter months, the cost to purchase power is generally higher because the generating facilities in and out of Wisconsin need to rely on all of their generating equipment, even equipment that might not be the most cost-efficient. At “peak usage” times, excess power may also need to be purchased on the spot market.

Fortunately for customers of Prairie du Sac Utilities, our power supplier, WPPI Energy, does a great job securing cost-effective contracts in advance for the purchase of electricity that will be needed in all 51 of its member communities, like Prairie du Sac. Through this expertise, Prairie du Sac and other members have been able to avoid the excessively high fuel costs which have occurred in other areas of the state and nation.

 What is a Street Light Charge?

The Village of Prairie du Sac in order to promote the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the community, operates and maintains a street lighting system. The Village Board determined that the operation and maintenance of the lighting system benefits each and every improved property within the Village. The Village Board determined that it is fair, appropriate and reasonable that the costs of such operation and maintenance be paid on a fair and reasonable basis by all of improved lots in the Village. The idea of the street light charge came to surface in 2015 when the Village Board conducted a series of public meetings to formulate a Financial Management Plan (FMP) for the Village. The first FMP called for the street light charge and was adopted by the Village Board on August 11, 2015. The updated 2016 FMP, adopted by the Board on September 13, 2016, continued the call for a street light charge. During the 2017 Budget process, the Board and its Administrative Committee continued the discussions regarding the implementation of the charge. After a public hearing on the budget, the Board approved the 2017 Budget which included the street light charge. Subsequently, the Village Board enacted Ordinance No. 13, Series 2016 on January 10, 2017, creating the street light charge. The charge spreads out the cost of street lights amongst all improved properties versus a general tax levy of which tax exempt properties that benefit from the lighting system are not contributing. The charge is calculated annually based on the amount billed by the electric utility, as required by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, for the proceeding January - December. In 2017, the monthly charge was $2.13 for residential units (single family, two family, and multifamily dwelling units) and $4.26 for non-Residential units (industrial, commercial and institutional units). The first billing appeared on the monthly bill mailed out by the Village the first week in April 2017.