Sewer Lateral Ownership

The property owner or customer owns and maintains the sanitary sewer service lateral all the way from the dwelling to the Village of Prairie du Sac’s main within the street. Unlike water laterals where a clear demarcation of ownership can be achieved at the curb stop located at or near the property line, no similar physical feature is typically present on a sewer lateral. Sewer laterals are also more prone to blockages (accumulation of grease, tree roots, hair or other solid materials that are too large for wastewater pipes to handle).  Making the customer responsible for the entire lateral provides the customer with an incentive to care for the operation and use of the lateral.  It also prevents questions regarding who is responsible for roots and other issues occurring at, or near, the property line.  According to the Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC), the vast majority of the over 600 sewer systems in the state make the property owner or customer responsible for ownership as well as maintenance of the entire sewer lateral.