Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan is a local government's guide to community physical, social, and economic development.  Comprehensive plans are not meant to serve as land use regulations in themselves; instead, they provide a rational basis for local land use decisions with a vision for future planning and community decisions.  The current Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan was adopted on April 11, 2017 (amended October 12, 2021; March 14, 2023), by the Villages of Sauk City and Prairie du Sac, Town of Prairie du Sac. The Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan is divided into two volumes.  Volume 1—Conditions and Issues provides background information, trends, and projections focused on the 3-municipality Sauk Prairie Area.  Volume 1 contains no policies or initiatives for future action or consideration.  Volume 2—Vision and Directions provides a future vision for the Sauk Prairie Area, and goals, objectives, policies and initiatives for future enhancements to the Area.  Other elements of the Comprehensive Plan are the Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and the Highway 12/PF/Airport Area Plan. 

Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan  Volume 1 - Conditions & Issues
Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan  Volume 2 - Vision & Directions
Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan  Element of the Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan
Highway 12/PF/Airport Area Plan  Element of the Sauk Prairie Comprehensive Plan