Permits & Licenses

Building, Planning, Land Division and Zoning Permits  Includes building permits, sign permits, rezoning, site plan approval, conditional use permits and more.
Schedule of Fees  Includes fees for alcohol licenses, direct sellers permits, etc.
Utility Service Application  
Community Event Sign  To be used to request a non-profit event be promoted on the Village's events sign located in Fireman's Park, 700 Water Street
Wisconsin Alcohol Beverage and Tobacco Laws for Retailers  
Responsible Beverage Server Training Courses  Not endorsed by the Village of Prairie du Sac
Miscellaneous Laws on Donations/Giving/Sale of Alcohol Beverages  Prepared by the State of Wisconsin
Original Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application Packet  Retail license to sale alcohol.
Renewal Alcohol Beverage License Application Packet  Renewal of previous year's retail license to sell alcohol.
Temporary Class "B"/"Class B" Retailer's License Application Packet  For non-profit organizations to sell alcohol at special events (a.k.a. picnic license).
Operator's License Application  License for individuals to sale alcohol beverages (a.k.a. bartender's license).
Non-Intoxicating Beverage License Application  For the retail sale of soda, includes vending machines.
Cigarette and Tobacco Products Retail License  For the retails sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products.
Direct Seller Registration  To engage in direct sales, a.k.a. door-to-door, within the Village.
Truck Parking Permit  For the parking of a large truck on Tower Street between 13th and 17th Streets
Special Event Permit Application  A Special Event Permit Application must be completed, submitted and approved by the Village of Prairie du Sac, along with any fees and/or down payments, to reserve public right-of-way or public premises including, but not limited to, parades, processions, bicycle or foot races, festivals or celebrations; and any event occurring on public property in which alcoholic beverages are to be served which requires the issuance of a temporary Class “B” retailer’s license and/or amplified sound or music will be used. This application may also be used to request a temporary exemption to the Village’s Loud and Unnecessary Noise Prohibited (Sec. 9-2-9) and/or permission to have amplified sound in Village Parks (Sec. 4-6-1).
Garbage Hauler License Application  No person or company not under contract with the Village shall engage in garbage or refuse collection operations within the Village without first obtaining from the Village a license so to do, Sec. 6-3-9(c).
Planting, Maintenance & Removal of Trees and Shrubs Permit  This application is for a permit to plant, remove or maintain a tree or shrub in the public right-of-way, terrace area or any public area within the Village.
Advanced Metering Infrastructure Opt-Out  
Street Privilege Permit Application  For temporary encroachments or obstruction of any street, alley, sidewalk, public grounds, or land dedicated to public use. If for a special event, use the special event permit application.
Installation of Underground Utilities Permit  Within streets, alleys, right-of-ways or easements controlled by the Village of Prairie du Sac

Dog/Cat License.