Frequently Asked Questions

What holidays are observed by the Village?
New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day
If my garbage or recycling pick-up day falls on a holiday?
Holidays observed that affect garbage and recycling collection are New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. These holidays can affect collection days that fall in the same week. Please view the garbage and recycling collection schedule to determine if your collection day is affected. Please contact Town and Country Sanitation with questions by calling 608-375-5856 or 800-626-1915. Yard refuse pickup that falls on a holiday observed by the Village will be on the regular pick up day of the following week.
Can I use a temporary shelter?
Temporary shelters are typically supported by poles, have a fabric roof and/or sides and are used to shelter automobiles, boats, recreational vehicles, or other items on a temporary or permanent basis. Per Section 10-1-0310(i)(9) of the Prairie du Sac Code of Ordinances, these temporary structures are not permitted in the Village of Prairie du Sac or its Extraterritorial Zoning Jurisdiction. This is due to their inability to handle snow loading and being susceptible to tearing in strong winds. This subsection shall not be interpreted to disallow use of tents and similar fabric structures in association with a permitted camping, temporary sales use, temporary outdoor assembly use such as an outdoor wedding, or other special event as may be permitted in the Village or its extraterritorial jurisdiction. Anyone violating this ordinance is subject to a fine of at least $100 plus court costs and fees. Each day that a violation exists or continues shall constitute a separate offense and subject to a separate fine. For more information, or to report a violation, please call 643-2421.
Does my swimming pool or spa need a permit?
A swimming pool that is designed to be readily and/or seasonally disassembled, stored, and reassembled to its original integrity, provided that the pool wall height does not exceed 48 inches; Decorative pools that are less than 36 inches in depth; and Spas and hot tubs with lockable tops do not require a building permit or fencing. All other pools and spas require a building permit and compliance with Section 10-1-0805 of the Code of Ordinances. For safety, access ladders should be secured when the pool is not in use. Please consult with your insurance carrier before installing any pool or spa.
What is the Street Light Charge?
The Village of Prairie du Sac, in order to promote the health, safety, morals, and general welfare of the community, operates and maintains a street lighting system. The Village Board determined that the operation and maintenance of the lighting system benefits each and every improved property within the Village. The Village Board determined that it is fair, appropriate and reasonable that the costs of such operation and maintenance be paid on a fair and reasonable basis by all of improved lots in the Village. The idea of the street light charge came to surface in 2015 when the Village Board conducted a series of public meetings to formulate a Financial Management Plan (FMP) for the Village.  The first FMP called for the street light charge and was adopted by the Village Board on August 11, 2015.  The updated 2016 FMP, adopted by the Board on September 13, 2016, continued the call for a street light charge.  During the 2017 Budget process, the Board and its Administrative Committee continued the discussions regarding the implementation of the charge.  After a public hearing on the budget, the Board approved the 2017 Budget which included the street light charge. Subsequently, the Village Board enacted Ordinance No. 13, Series 2016 on January 10, 2017, creating the street light charge. The charge spreads out the cost of street lights amongst all improved properties versus a general tax levy of which tax exempt properties that benefit from the lighting system are not contributing. The charge is calculated annually based on the amount billed by the electric utility, as required by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, for the proceeding January - December.  In 2017, the monthly charge was $2.13 for residential units (single family, two family, and multifamily dwelling units) and $4.26 for non-Residential units (industrial, commercial and institutional units). The first billing appeared on the monthly bill mailed out by the Village the first week in April 2017. 
What is the Vehicle Registration Fee (Wheel Tax)?
Owners or lessees of vehicles with incorrect vehicle location information may now make corrections directly online at Update or verify vehicle kept in information.  Currently, this DMV application is only available to individuals (not businesses).  Other registrants must contact DMV to make corrections to their vehicle location at or (608) 264-7447, or make changes on the registration renewal notice.
Why do the plows block my driveway with snow?
Throughout the winter months, Village crews will be out clearing the streets during and after snowfalls. At the same time residents are clearing their driveways. Many times while this is going on, a snowplow truck will go by and fill in the end of a freshly cleared driveway with snow from the road, causing frustration and more clearing for residents. Please understand that the village’s first priority is the safety of the traveling public and clearing the roads of snow and ice and pushing it off of the street and parking lanes, and sometimes into driveways, is a necessary wintertime evil.

The plow truck usually makes one pass to open the road up so residents may get in and out. Then the truck comes back to widen the street for future snow accumulation and to make room to park cars on the street. Residents sometimes call and ask why we cannot pick up or turn the blade when going by their driveway. This is not a practical solution and our drivers would never finish clearing the roads due to the multitude of driveways.

There is, however, a method of clearing your driveway that can help minimize the amount of snow (and frustration) during the winter months:

  • If possible (not always practical), clear your driveway after we have finished plowing the roads. Keep in mind that village ordinance requires property owners to clear their sidewalks of snow/ice within 12 hours of the end of a storm.
  • When clearing your driveway, place as much snow as possible in the direction of travel, on the downstream side of the road.
  • Clear an area upstream from your driveway opening to form a “pocket” for the snow from the road to go into. The result? More of the snow from the road will go into the pocket and less will land in the end of your driveway. (Click for Diagram)
Are outdoor fires permitted?
Open burning is prohibited with in the Village of Prairie du Sac, except when used for outdoor cooking within the following guidelines: 
  • Outdoor cooking over a fire contained in a device or structure designed for such use is allowed; however, the Fire Chief may require such fires to be extinguished when complaints are received.
  • Whenever a portable fireplace or grill is located on a combustible surface, such as a wooden deck, a noncombustible material shall be placed under and around the fireplace or grill for a distance of 24 inches on each side thereof.    
  • Regardless of type or size, no barbecue, gas, charcoal or electric grill, or any other burning receptacle, shall be stored or used or be closer than 15 feet to a building with three or more dwelling units. 
  • No outdoor fire shall burn yard waste; rubbish; garbage; construction materials; treated, varnished or painted wood; plywood; plastics; rubber (synthetic or otherwise), or recyclables.
  • The Fire Chief is permitted to prohibit any or all outdoor fires when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances make such fires hazardous. For all rules and regulations on burning you can go to our website Sec. 3-2-9 Open Burning
Are there special parking, sidewalk and other winter requirements?
Can I do any plantings to hide that green box in the back yard?
Underground electric lines, though unseen, require space of their own. Planting of shrubs and trees over underground lines is not recommended because of future maintenance that will be required on these lines. An 8-foot-wide strip centered directly over an underground line is sufficient space for future maintenance needs. Additionally, transformers located on the ground (which step down high electric voltage to a voltage usable by your household) require an area of 8 feet in the front (the side marked with the DANGER HIGH VOLTAGE sign)to be free of vines, shrubs and trees for future maintenance needs.
Does the Village give preference to local contractors on its public construction projects?
While the Village would prefer to always use local contractors for its public construction projects, Wisconsin state law requires cities and villages to competitively bid for "public construction", when the estimated cost of which exceeds $25,000. Public construction is often defined as activities concerned with the erection of buildings and bridges, the construction of streets and highways, and other similar public improvements which require the combining of materials, supplies and labor. The Village does encourage local contractors to bid on its public construction projects.  Wisconsin state law expressly prohibits local governments from using a bidding method that gives preference based on the geographic location of the bidder (e.g., local contractor preference) or that uses criteria other than the lowest responsible bidder in awarding a contract. 
Does the Village have a mailbox installation & replacement policy?
Mailbox Installation & Replacement Policy  Reguirements for the installation of mailboxes within the street Right-of-Way and the Village's replacement policy should it be damaged by Village opperations.
When was the Village of Prairie du Sac incorporated?
October 24, 1885
What are the regulations regarding garage/yard sales?
  • Garage/Yard sale signs may not have an area more than six square feet with a maximum of two faces and shall list the address of the sale.
  • No garage sale sign may be located on utility poles, traffic signs, trees, private property without owner's permission or within the public right-of-way (this includes the terrace area or area between the sidewalk and curb, where there is no sidewalk, the area from the curb line to the edge of the right-of-way, approximatey 12-13 ft. shall be deemed to be a terrace area). Signs improperly placed will be removed without warning.
  • No garage slae sign shall be displayed more than three days before the sale or one day following the sale.
  • No more than one garage sale sign may be located at the sale site and no more than two garage sale signs may be located off the site, except that two signs are permitted on corner lots, one facing each street.
  • Garage sales may be conducted between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. A sale shall last no longer than four consecutive days. Sales may be held no more than twice per year at any residence, and for a total of not more than six days in that year.
Is a direct seller's permit/registration required in the Village?
It is unlawful for any Direct Seller to engage in direct sales within the Village of Prairie du Sac without being registered for that purpose with the Village, unless exempt. Direct Seller is defined as any individual who, for him/herself, or for a partnership, association or corporation, sells goods, solicits donations and memberships, or takes sales orders for the later delivery of goods, at any location other than the permanent business place or residence of said individual, partnership, association or corporation, and shall include, but not be limited to, peddlers, solicitors and transient merchants.  More information can be found at
Are there limits on parking semis, trailers and campers on Village Streets?


(a)        Except in an emergency, and in such case for no more than 24 hours, none of the following shall be parked or stored on any street, avenue, or public way of the Village, except as provided for in Sec. 8-1-6(b) or when actively loading, unloading or rendering a service.

(1)        Truck tractors and/or semitrailers as defined in Section 340.01, Wis. Stats.

(2)        Other motor vehicles over 12,000 pounds licensed gross weight which are designed or used for commercial purposes, including school buses.

(3)        Trailers designed or used for commercial purposes for which a license is required by the Wisconsin Statutes.

(4)         Utility trailers and other non-motorized towable equipment.

(b)        Truck tractors or truck tractors with semi-trailers as defined in Section 340.01, Wis. Stats. may be parked along the north side of Tower Street from 13th Street to 17th Street for a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours, this provision shall not apply to any other vehicles.  No semi-trailer is to be parked in accordance with this provision without being attached to a truck tractor.  An on-street parking permit from the Village Administrator for a fee as stated in the Schedule of Fees must be obtained for each truck tractor and must be displayed when parked in the designated area.  All permits issued under this provision shall expire on June 30 of each year.  This provision shall not supersede snow removal regulations as stated in Sect. 8-1-4(c) and 8-1-7 or other applicable parking restrictions of the Village Code.

(c)        Recreational vehicles, motor homes, camping trailers, recreational trailers, boats and boat trailers may not be parked or stored on any street, avenue, or public way of the Village longer than four (2) hours without a permit obtained from the Village Administrator. This temporary permit shall allow the permittee to park on a Village street for up to five (5) days for a fee as stated in the Schedule of Fees.  No more than four (4) temporary permits in one calendar year may be issued to the same adjacent property address.  Only one (1) permit may be issued at a time to an adjacent property address.

(d)       This section shall not apply to municipal, public health, and public safety vehicles.

Does the Village of Prairie du Sac have a Community Garden?

The Village of Prairie du Sac does have a Community Garden located at 995 Broadway Street. The property the garden is on is owned by the Prairie du Sac Cemetery Association. The Cemetery entered into an agreement with the Sauk County Master Gardeners Association who will operate and manage the Community Garden. Please contact Jennifer Sawle, Community Garden Coordinator at or 608-370-2916.