Community Event Sign Request Form

The mission of the Community Events Sign, located at 700 Water Street (Water & Prairie Streets), is to provide an avenue of communication for local non-profit organizations and civic groups whose events further benefit our community and its’ residents.  Overall, the Village’s Community Events Sign should provide useful information and reflect a positive and inspiring image of Prairie du Sac to citizens, businesses and visitors. 


The following procedures shall be used when any non-profit organization or civic group requests to use the Community Events Sign:

  • The request may be submitted by using the form below.
  • Requests shall be taken no more than 60 days in advance of the event date.
  • Messages are limited to 4 rows, with 20 characters per row.  Punctuation and special characters are not available, only letters and numbers.
  • Queuing Rules:
    • All requests granted are on a first-come, first-service basis, except Village of Prairie du Sac events or messages shall take precedents.
    • The maximum reserved time a message will be displayed is 14 days.
    • Local community events takes precedence over outside community events
  • Messages are limited to 80 characters.
  • The Village reserves the right to edit messages based on availability of letters and numbers to create the message.
  • Any available sign time (not reserved) will be used to display messages determined by the Village of Prairie du Sac’s Village Hall.
  • In the event of a public safety emergency, Sauk Prairie Police Department and/or Prairie du Sac Fire Department will take control of the sign.


The Village of Prairie du Sac’s Community Events Sign will not provide the following types of content:

  • Corporate or other for-profit organization events.      
  • Content promoting illegal activities or events.
  • Sexually explicit content or events.
  • Sales of firearms or other weapons.
  • Information that violates any of the Village’s non-discrimination or equal opportunity policies.
  • Candidates for local, state, or federal offices.
  • Political organizations or other organizations advocating a position on a local, state, or federal issue. 
  • Individual or personal messages.
  • Events not open to the general public.

Optional:  You may which to call the Village Hall at 643-2421 to check availability prior to completing the request form.  Calling Village Hall does not guarantee that your message will be posted.

Limit of 22 characters (includes spaces) per line.  Only letters and numbers are available.  Punctuation and special characters (&, @, /, etc.) are not available.


You must preview your form before it is submitted, then click the submit button.