Building Inspection/Permits


Examples of items requiring a permit are as follows, but not limited to:

Diggers Hotline

Additions and Remodeling (all structures)
Accessory Buildings (includes garages, yard sheds > 120 sq. ft.)
Pavement (includes driveway, sidewalk and patios)
Electric Service Upgrades (includes rewiring)
Window/Door Replacement Changing Opening Size
New Single/Two-Family Residential
Sign (commercial, industrial and residential)
Commercial/Industrial/Multi-Family New or Addition (Site Plan approval also required)
Swimming Pool

Please call the Building Inspector if you have any questions regarding the need for a building permit.

Please submit building permit applications a minimum of 5 business days prior to your anticipated start date.  Once your permit is approved and issued, the building inspector will call the applicant's number listed on the permit application.  You will need to pick up and pay for your permit.  Payment can be made by correct cash amount or check (no credit cards) at the Village Hall.  Commencing work prior to issuance and paying for a building permit will result in doubling of all building permit fees and possibly a work stoppage order, citations and fines.   

Dennis J. Butteris

(Building Inspector)

General Engineering
Mobile: 608-617-1216

The building inspector is at the Prairie du Sac Village Hall the mornings of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  If you need to contact or meet with the inspector, please call the mobile number listed.

Schedule of Fees  Contains information on the costs of various building permits.
Site Plan Review  Except for Single-Family and Two-Family residential land uses (and associated accessory structures), and for all structures associated with agricultural uses, all development activity or use of land which results in construction, reconstruction, expansion or conversion of structures; expansions of vehicle accommodation areas or outdoor storage areas; significant earth filling, excavating, and/or grading activities; or reduction in the amount of Permanently Protected Green Space shall be subject to site plan review.
Sign Permit Information  
State Plan Review  Division of Industry Services provides plan review for commercial buildings and structures in the state. This in addition to the required Village site plan review and building permit.
Tenant & Landlord Issues
Building Permit Application Check List
Electric Service Requirements
Temporary Electric Service Application  
Building Permit Application  Pertains to New Construction Only
General Building Permit Application  Pertains to additions, fences, etc.
How to Measure Building Height
Building and Zoning Codes